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Bug#509798: Debian on the HP mv2120

Package: installation-reports

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From: "Stillwell, Bryan" <bryan.stillwell@hp.com>
Subject: Re: Debian on the HP mv2120
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 10:17:40 -0700
To: Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>
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I tried this out last night and it worked pretty well for me.  I ran
into a few issues though.

The first one was pretty silly, I forgot to mark /dev/sda1 (/boot) as
bootable.  It would have been nice if the partitioner warned me about
this before completing the install and having the system fail to boot.
I was able to fix this by booting the installer again, setting /dev/sda1
as bootable and 'do not use', then going into the lvm configuration
screen to save the settings to disk.  Dropping to a shell showed fdisk
and parted as not being available.

The second issue was that there wasn't an option to format a partition
with XFS.

The third issue showed up when I was setting up the partitions as
follows (I have 2 1TB drives):

/dev/sda1  256MB  /boot - ext3
/dev/sda2  128MB  RAID partition
/dev/sda3  4GB    RAID partition
/dev/sda4  996GB  RAID partition

/dev/sdb1  256MB  Don't use
/dev/sdb2  128MB  RAID partition
/dev/sdb3  4GB    RAID partition
/dev/sdb4  996GB  RAID partition

/dev/md0   256MB  swap (RAID0)

/dev/md1   4GB    / - ext3 (RAID1)

/dev/md2   996GB  LVM partition

/dev/vg00  996GB  Volume Group

/dev/vg00/music  200GiB  /music - ext3 (I wanted XFS)

The problem showed up after setting up the RAID partitions and then
configuring LVM.  It reported that the partitioning of some of the RAID
partitions (md0, md1) couldn't be saved and I must reboot for the
changes to take effect.  I'm guessing the installer is thinking it made
the arrays with mdadm's '--auto=mdp' option to create partitionable
arrays, but that's not what I wanted...

Let me know if you want me to file any of these as bug reports.


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Martin Michlmayr

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