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lpia architecture

I committed a couple of changes to add support for the 'lpia'
architecture, and Frans asked what this was. This stands for "low-power
Intel architecture", and is used in the Ubuntu Mobile project; it's
i386-compatible but intended to be built with mutually unsuitable
optimisations, for CPUs with a very different kind of pipeline. Guillem
Jover kindly added support for it to Debian's dpkg in version 1.14.5.

Although Debian doesn't need this itself (at least not at the moment), I
committed these small changes since they're entirely harmless and it
generally saves me time to not have to merge these all the time. (We've
filed a number of similar bugs on other Debian packages over the last
year or so, which have generally been accepted.)


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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