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Bug#509238: panic backtrace

Quoting The Eclectic One (eclectic@sdf.lonestar.org):
> >Quoting: Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>
> >>Quoting The Eclectic One (eclectic@sdf.lonestar.org):
> >> First thought: race condition (the panic message contained a backtrace
> >> of different threads), so then I tried multiple times with only one
> >> change at at time: expert mode, regular mode, ethdetect -x, vga=771,
> >> vga normal.  It turns out that the culprit was the vga option.  With
> >> vga=771, I get no crash/panic in either expert or regular mode, with
> >So, in short, in regular mode, it crashes (always at the same place)
> >but in vga=771 mode, it doesn't, right?
> Correct.

And I assume that you get no crash as well if you're using the
graphical installer.

I'm puzzled to reassign this bug report. This is obviously a race
condition somewhere. Probably a weird kernel issue but investigating
further is....tricky and I fear that this bug report might remain
uninvestigated further for quite a while until it "magically" solves
in the future with a new kernel (though probably not for Lenny).

I propose documenting this in the errata file, at the minimum.

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