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Bug#389881: Bug#509378: should use labels for all partitions in fstab

reassign 509378 partman-target
forcemerge 509378 389881

I now have the right reference:


...is roughly the same suggestion than the one you're doing right
now. It talks about SCSI devices but the bug discussion makes it clear
that persistent naming goes much beyond SCSI devices.

There is even a patch proposed by David Härdeman (who was very active
implementing encrypted partitions support in the past)...but
unfortunately, nobody cared to try incorporating this in D-I, when we
moved to the Lenny D-I release cycle..:-(

It is even listed in the D-I Lenny release goals:

As you'll see by looking around this release goals list, there's still
a lot that we *didn't* do.

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