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Re: Opening trunk for post-lenny changes?

On Wednesday 24 December 2008, Colin Watson wrote:
> IIRC, we never used to keep trunk closed during release periods;
> instead, we used to create a branch, do all the release work off that,
> and open trunk for post-release changes.

At the risk of angering Otavio and Christian, the simple reason is lack of 
actual release *management*, and especially any form of communication 
with the team from the D-I RM.

> There appear to be rather few discrepancies between /branches/d-i/lenny
> and the archive, in any case. They are:

You missed a fairly big number of discrepancies, at least:
- rootskel
- hw-detect
- kernel/*

Otavio is currently on VAC. This will probably need to wait until he is 
back. After that he may prefer to concentrate on releasing RC2 first.


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