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Bug#509299: installation: Error in Windows-Based Debial Installation

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On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 09:48:15PM -0600, Armstrong, Mike wrote:
>    Perhaps that is the problem.  My boot drive is C: and does not have a C:\Windows or a C:\Windows\Temp directory.  My system drive is D: and it does have a D:\Windows\Temp dir.  I DO have a Temp directory in the root of all my filesystems (I always create one).  Also there is %SystemDrive%\Windows\Temp and %SystemDrive%\Users\<loginID>\Appdata\Local\Temp
>    With the error message dialog box still open, I did a full search (all logical drives) for cpio.bat ==> no find.  It looks like the cpio.bat files (and others??) are not being extracted because an assumption is made as to the existence of the parent (temp) directory???

Ok.  Please try this one:


and see if it properly creates a pluginsdir.

Robert Millan

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