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Bug#509378: should use labels for all partitions in fstab

Quoting Colin Watson (cjwatson@debian.org):

> I absolutely think that we should be using UUIDs by default for devices
> where there isn't some other stable naming, as Ubuntu does.

I agree.

As I said earlier, we now just need to dinf someone who would commit
self to do it.

I suggest we add this to the release goals for squeeze. Indeed, we
need something like a two-step release goals list:

- the "wished" features....which nobody committed self to implement
- the ones where a volunteer popped up to implement (those would of
course have the entire support of the D-I team...or what remains of
the D-I team)

I even wonder if this static naming system couldn't be the main part
of a GSOC project for 2009?

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