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Emdebian and D-I keys

(Note: I'm not subscribed to debian-boot so please CC me.)

Emdebian now has two flavours - Emdebian Crush is the very small distro
that involves all the cross-building and other changes, that isn't the
issue here. Emdebian Grip is a new flavour that is *binary compatible*
with standard Debian but throws out all manpages, documentation and
other "low hanging fruit" as well as converting all translation support
in Debian packages into Emdebian TDebs. Emdebian Grip is about 25%
smaller than standard Debian for the same package set.

In Emdebian Grip, no compiled binary file is modified, the source
package is not modified and the .dsc retains the original signature.
However, the shrinkage of the .deb files themselves means that the
Packages data changes.

Emdebian Grip is available for 7 architectures (Crush only for one) and
I will be making a synchronised release of Emdebian Crush and Emdebian
Grip alongside Lenny. Emdebian 1.0 (in either flavour) is a
developer-only release - think Debian buzz or Slackware 1.0. It'll
mostly work but there are likely to be emdebian-specific bugs.

Emdebian Grip is hosted in the Emdebian repository:

The repository uses edos-debcheck to ensure that all dependencies are
met but only provides a limited number of packages (currently enough to
run XFCE). I'll be adding testing fairly soon.

It should be trivial to use the Emdebian Grip repository with any Lenny
d-i image, merely by selecting the mirror. However, no-one in Emdebian
has access to the secret key for the debian-archive-keyring keys, so
we've created our own emdebian-archive-keyring, signed by Wookey and

d-i (via debootstrap) now complains that it cannot verify the
repository and I'd like to explore ways that we can fix this *for

AFAICT, everything else in d-i would either "just work" or be easily
fixable. I do have a possible emdebian-archive-keyring-udeb package,
based on debian-archive-keyring-udeb.

What are the options here?

I don't think it's possible to add the Emdebian key to
debian-archive-keyring - buildd.emdebian.org is not maintained by DSA.
Is it possible to add emdebian-archive-keyring-udeb to d-i? (I can
arrange an upload to unstable to make that package available, albeit
with a delay getting through NEW.)

I'd rather not have to rebuild all d-i images for Emdebian merely to
add a single public key.

(I do have some preseeding config that will make the repository
available by default.)

Is there something I've missed that makes it easier to supply the key
some other way?


Neil Williams

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