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Bug#509178: installation-reports: sparc fails to boot 2.6.26: Memory Address not Aligned


This might be the same bug as #509202.

I'll try to setup cu or minicom to collect kernel messages on tuesday,
while I am at the university again.

FWIW, the boot fails in the same way with
, built on 20081104-23:58 :

 Allocated 8 Megs of memory at 0x40000000 for kernel
 Loaded kernel version 2.6.26
 Loading initial ramdisk (4284688 bytes at ....
 Memory Address not Aligned

I'll try to get it to boot with the latest etch kernel on tuesday.

Thanks, Bye,


Joost van Baal                            http://abramowitz.uvt.nl/
                                                 Tilburg University
mailto:joostvb.uvt.nl                               The Netherlands

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