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Bug#509012: Upgrading from Sarge (stable) to Etch fails

reassign 509012 upgrade-reports
severity 509012 normal

On Wednesday 17 December 2008, Pavel Fedin wrote:
> When i upgraded my Sarge installation using apt-get dist-upgrade i
> went into unresolvable circular dependency problem (some packages
> failed to configure and upgrade was aborted). I had to spent several
> hours in order to fix the problem manually. First, i had to uninstall
> GNOME desktop. After this i had to force-install packages that failed.
> Then i reinstalled missing GNOME stuff.

As this is an upgrade issue and not an installation issue, I'm reassigning 
your report to the correct place.

Note that the Debian project is currently preparing the Lenny release, so 
I doubt upgrade issues from Sarge to Etch will get much attention 

I assume you _did_ follow the upgrade instructions documented in the Etch 
release notes? If not, then it is quite possible your problems could have 
been avoided by following those instructions.


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