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Re: Proposed errata page

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> 	<dt>Marvell disk controllers not fully supported</dt>
> 	<dd>
> 	Due to a pata_marwell module not begin properly autoloaded
>         on i386 and amd64 media,
> 	peripherals driven by Marvell disk controllers are not detected. If
>         IDE is used in legacy mode with these controllers, it is needed
>         to pass 'ahci.blacklist=yes' to have the CD reader properly detected.
> 	Then, when the installer boots, switch to console 2 (Alt+F2) and
> 	run 'rmmod ahci; modprobe pata_marvel; modprobe ahci' before
> 	continuing.
> 	</dd>

Better to instruct to not add ahci in blacklist but just use:

modprobe -r ahci; modprobe pata_marvel ; modprobe ahci

Rest looks OK

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