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Bug#508457: installation-report: Do not eject CD before asking from user (damaged CD tray)

On Thursday 11 December 2008, Jari Aalto wrote:
> reopen 508457
> thanks

Eh, the bug wasn't closed...

> There is simple fix, see below.
> A message is already displayed at the end to notify about reboot.
> There is no need to "eject" prior that message. It can be done *after*
> and have the message explain a little more:
>          ... Please remove obstables at the front of CD drive. It will
>          be ejected before reboot takes place
> This is a simple way to prevent damage to the CD drive.

This has also been discussed in the past and is not equivalent with the 
current situation. If we'd delay that message (which is essentially the 
last message before reboot, the danger is that the reboot is already 
taking place and thus the disk tray is automatically closed because of 
the reboot process.

This is not a solution.

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