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Bug#508158: debian-installer: "Go Back" button crash with [gdkregion-generic.c:1082):miUnionNonO: assertion failed: (y1 < y2)]

Quoting Teodor (mteodor@gmail.com):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20081029
> Severity: important
> I've tried to install Debian GNU/Linux several times because on many
> attempts the installer had crashed after pressing "Go Back" button.
> Both the lenny_rc1 and 20081202-09:25 netinst ISO images are having
> this behaviour.

We need a reproducible test case for this. Would it be possible for
you to detail us a complete test case (analyzng the logs makes it very
hard to figure out exactly what you did)?

After all, unless you reach the screen where you confirm that you're
OK to overwrite the disk (ie the end of the partition step), nothing
destructive will happen on your test machine.....so you can even try
reproducing this on the machine you finally installed.

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