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Bug#498863: More info on firewire issues

On Saturday 06 December 2008, Harry Mofo wrote:
> On Friday 05 December 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> > What is the MD5SUM of that image (of the .iso file)?
> It is 98a3624d0b2a23a3832b603a1a89ff3e 
> (debian-testing-i386-netinst.iso - Dec 5 daily build)
> I thought about this last night.  I'd never had a problem with an ISO
> download and have gotten lazy about checking the hashes.  I tried the
> CD on another machine this morning and it freezes too so maybe it is a
> bad ISO.

That md5sum is correct: 

My main concern was to check if this was the "morning" build or 
the "evening" build. Your image is from the morning build, which means 
that it did not yet include some fairly big changes in the CD building 
process and also did not yet include a new version of rootskel which 
changed console detection for the installer, both of which were 
committed/uploaded yesterday.

Checking with a new image is a good idea though, especially since we have 
had these changes. They should not make a difference for you, but who 
knows. I suspect it may just be a bad burn.

Please let us know if a current daily works, and please mention its md5sum 

Just to make sure: it is the isolinux bootloader that fails right? I.e. 
the "freeze" is at the menu which allows you to select between e.g. the 
text and graphical versions of the installer.
Or if the freeze at the first dialog of the installer itself, where you 
select a language?


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