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Re: Display problems in D-I in Dzongkha: how to reproduce the problem

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On Friday 05 December 2008, Pema Geyleg wrote:
> The default font size for the Tibetan Machine Uni font is already at
> its maximum. Increasing it by two would really make it big and
> undesirable. The Dzongkha language uses multiple stacking (vertically)
> for writing and as such the font size should not be made larger than
> default size. Hope this helps..

The only way to really decide this is to actually DO installs with 
different font size delta settings.

Please run the installer (on real hardware, on a system with a "normal" 
display; preferably even on a few different systems, including a laptop), 
switch to VT2, change the FONT_SIZE line in /usr/bin/gtk-set-font, and 
switch languages in localechooser (e.g. to English and then back to 
Dzongkha) to make the installer use the new delta.

Then let us know what value gives the best result regarding size and 

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