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Bug#507535: localechooser: Wrong initialization of debconf/language when on serial console

Package: localechooser
Version: 2.08
Severity: important

Localechooser currently contains the code:
if echo $LANG $LC_CTYPE | grep -q UTF-8; then

There's a comment above it giving some background, but it looks like 
setting debconf/language to empty is just plain wrong.

If I start D-I over serial console on sparc, back out from the first 
localechooser dialog to the menu and then start choose-mirror, I get 
country codes instead of names in the mirror country list.

The same happens when I change the 4th line of that snippet to:
Changing the line to set 'en' gives a correct language list.

Arguably this could also be a bug in cdebconf as it does not do the "right 
thing" by default. Note that the default LANGUAGE setting also plays a 
role here. IIRC that is C (or C.UTF8 on real console?), which could 
possibly be changed to C:en.

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