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Re: Multi-desktop CDs for lenny: root device does not exist

Hi Holger,

On Wednesday 26 November 2008, Holger Wansing wrote:
> There are no ide related modules loaded. ide_core, ide_disk,
> ide_generic are missing, this modules are needed on this machine I
> think (checked with rescue mode).
> This problem didn't exist with the rc1 netinst cd!

I don't think this can be related to the fact that you used the light CD, 
at least I do not see how as it changes absolutely zero in the installer 

Unfortunately the syslog file is truncated because of lowmem, with the 
most important part missing.

Can you check what the output of 'cat /proc/cmdline' is at the point where 
the boot into the installed system fails?
Does that contain 'all_generic_ide=1'?

If it does not, then please repeat the installation in expert mode, add 
a 'set -x' in /bin/hw-detect before the CD detection step and save the 
syslog after that step.


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