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Re: Proposed updated errata file for D-I upcoming RC2

(no need for CC me...I just did so fo ryou to be sure that your
attention is driven, sorry for this)

Quoting Jurij Smakov (jurij@wooyd.org):

> Looks good. There is also an issue with installs from terminal which 
> I'm encountering on my box: presumably, due to lack of kernel 
> framebuffer support for Expert3D line of graphic cards (commonly found 
> in SunBlade 1000/1500/2500), the console remains in some kind of dumb 
> mode, in which the installer is all black-and-white and the 
> highlighted item on the menu cannot be seen. Installer is functional 
> though, and I hope that this is just due to some missing config 
> options in the kernel [0]. I plan to build a modified kernel to test 
> this fix.

If you confirm that issue, could you please report a bug about it. I
have small doubts about the right package. To the minimum, against

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