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Re: Installation report on lxde CD

On Wednesday 26 November 2008, Deng Xiyue wrote:
> I've downloaded the lxde CD[1] and installed with desktop task in a
> virtualbox emulator.  The whole process goes smoothly, and booted with
> no problem.  However, there are some component lacked, and it turns
> out that's because only lxde-core was installed, instead of lxde.
> Moreover, lxde is not installable, as some of its dependencies are not
> available on the lxde CD, such as theme engine and xarchiver, which
> the latter is strictly speaking xfce component.  On the contrary, the
> light CD image[2] doesn't have the problem, as it contains the xfce
> environment.

Thanks for testing! A simple copy-and-paste error in one of my changes 
caused this error. It's now been fixed and the LXDE CD has been rebuilt.

Could you try again with the new version?


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