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Re: [PROPOSAL] Identify tasks in the D-I team and "assign" them

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org):

> >  - win32-loader
> win32-loader has been being handled by Robert and he has done a great
> job on this. I bet he wants to keep it. Robert?

Sure. Actually, the point was not, at that moment, to put names in
face of tasks.

Franklin did that for di-netboot-assistant, and I kept this but we
should more focus on the organisation of data before filling in the datasheet.

> This all looks complete by my POV.

OK. I expected comments from Frans, but I don't want to put pressure
on him....and the document will not be carved in stone anyway.

So, now, we should decide how to track down this information and store
it ?

wiki page with nice tables (one per section) and for each entry have
room for a name and a backup name?

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