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Bug#506061: closed by Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> (reply to 506061@bugs.debian.org) (Re: Bug#506061: installation-report: Problems with post-install for xfce & gdm when starting with a standard install due to no xfce tasksel option)

On Wednesday 19 November 2008, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> Interactive aptitude is where I first experienced the issue with the
> pulling in of gnome.  I have to manually deselect those items after
> selecting the xfce-desktop(sp?) task in order to not get them.

Ok. The advantage of interactive is that you can unselect what you don't 
want :-)

Anyway, this has notthing to do with D-I itself. You'll need to report the 
problem to the individual packages involved. Their maintainers will 
probably need to coordinate on (alternative) dependencies. Suggest you 
file bugs against the xfce packages as their maintainers are most likely 
to be motivated to look into this.

I closed the BR because the task selection is fine and this was only a 
side issue. You're better off filing a "clean" new bug report on this.


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