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Bug#505243: Multiarch CD directly boots in the amd64 installer

On Tuesday 18 November 2008, Frans Pop wrote:
> If it works I have an idea for an alternative solution based on a
> different analysis of what the problem in syslinux may be. So, I'll
> have one more image to test then.

The idea was to include the default and default64 options only in 
prompt.cfg so they would only be "seen" when the help screens are 
displayed. However, the result is that default64 is ignored and isolinux 
always boots i386 when hitting enter at a help screen.

So I've decided to stick with the workaround using ifcpu64.c32 and that 
patch is now committed for debian-cd.

When the bug in syslinux is fixed or some alternative solution is found, 
the workaround in debian-cd should be reverted (or possibly changed so it 
does not apply to images having the fix).

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