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Re: Support lxde-desktop properly in lenny D-I RC2?

Quoting Andrew Lee (andrew@linux.org.tw):
> Dear debian-boot folks and tasksel maintainer,
> Thanks for the hard work on lenny D-I RC1.
> I just tested the lenny D-I RC1 with 'tasks=lxde-desktop'. After the
> installation it gives me a LXDE desktop out of box!! Wonderful!! :)
> Seems only in tasksel isn't enough to make it work properly with D-I,
> cause I found the gnome-desktop task also installed with lxde-desktop
> task. :D
> I'd like to know what kind of/how much work should be done for make it
> supported in RC2(if we have planned)? And I'd like to help on that.

Given that RC2 is supposed to be a "no additionnal feature" release,
I'd say that what you got is probably the most reasonable target to

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