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Hello Debian coders.
I would like to apologize for my bad english!
I use Google to translate.
I come from Switzerland and have a question. I unfortunately do not
know exactly where I aimed it.

it is so that I have this year become the father on 27.05.2008 am. My
son called Lenny! :-)
I am 8 years linux fan! I have now read the new version of Debian
called Lenny and I'm thrilled!
but unfortunately I am only user and not Developer, I am too dumb.
I would be happy if my son gets lenny a monument in the new version of
Debian lenny.
I am thinking of a small text somewhere in the install screen or in a
readme or so.
would be very nice if write:

Lenny Hager would be Born on 27 May 2008 and weighed 2,950 grams at 15:14

I can not make them, but I would give everything to contemplated when
the would!!!
I really am so happy. that would be something unique!
they can help me?
I ask my place at the right time?

Please Please let me know what I can do so this happens?
Please excuse my English again :-)

I'm asking for achievable ad.hager @ gmail.com

and here are the link to the site of the hospital with the image of lenny


Many many thanks

Adrian Hager

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