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Re: Reinstall to a NSLU2?

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 10:55:13PM -0500, Dean wrote:
> The power died midway through a kernel update to an NSLU2, and now
> it's stalling partway through the boot, without much of a clue that
> I've seen in the /var/log files.  I can either up the number of things
> being logged, which might take a bit, or just take this shiny new 16
> GB flash drive and do a clean install to it.
> Simple question, I think; can you re-flash the device with Debian etch
> after Debian etch has already been installed?

Yes, as long as you can flash the installer firmware, you're golden.  I may
be getting my embedded bootloaders mixed up, but I think the slug has a
boot time firmware load capability.  If not, you may need a serial console
to talk to the boot loader and convince it to take a new firmware, if the
initrd has corrupted due to the partial write.

- Matt

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