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Bug#505477: partman hangs if you press "Go Back" after warning message

Package: partman-base
Severity: important

This might be a partman-lvm issue instead, I'm not quite sure.

When doing manual partitioning, selecting a physical lvm partition and pressing
Enter the following message is displayed with a red background:

"Partition in use
 No modifications can be made for the partition #6 of device IDE1 master (hda)
 for the following reasons:

 In use by LVM volume group vg1"

If you select "Go Back" in this dialog, an empty blue screen is displayed.
Killing partman did not seem to help (although I might have been killing the wrong stuff).

Pressing "Contine" returns me to partman, like I expected "Go Back" would.

Knut Auvor Grythe

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