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Re: Display problems in D-I in Dzongkha: how to reproduce the problem

Quoting Pema Geyleg (pema.geyleg@gmail.com):
> Hi Christian,
> I would like to thank you for looking into this issue. I ll ask Tenzin to
> look into it in detail.
> However, you may not hear from him till the end of this months as coronation
> ceremony for the 5th king is taking place at the moment and its  holiday for
> every one till 12th of this month and after that there is a week long ICT
> fair being organized by DIT in Thimphu which will definitely keep Tenzin
> occupied for the whole month. Nevertheless, he should be able to look at it
> by the last week of this month.

As of now, indeed, this is *very* weird and probably some corner case
in the graphical installer that happens to be 'revealed' by the
display problem in Dzongkha, but I can' say whether the problem is
really specific to Dzongkha as I haven't tested with all other
languages (though Hindi does no show the problem).

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