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Bug#505243: [TEST RC1] Resize NTFS ; windows detection ; Nec VL360

reassign 505243 debian-cd
retitle 505243 Multiarch CD directly boots in the amd64 installer
tags 505243 patch

Quoting Frank Lin PIAT (fpiat@klabs.be):

> I have a concern regarding the "multiarch CD" :
> syslinux/isolinux boots the amd-64 installer directly (i.e it doesn't
> show the menu).
> I suspect that it isn't the desired behavior. I've had a quick look and
> I suppose it's because isolinux/isolinux.cfg declares "timeout 0", then
> amd64text.cfg declares "default64 amd64-install".
> I assume it can be solved either by:
> - declaring "timeout 999" in amd64text.cfg
> or
> - removing "default64 amd64-install".

I assume this belongs to debian-cd even though I'm not completely sure
of this. debian-cd maintainers, please reassign is I'm wrong.

I'm tagging this bug "patch" as Frankling gave enough informaiton for
this bug to be easily fixed by anyone enough aware of the right place
to make the changes..:-)

Thanks a lot, Franklin. Other issues described in your install report
have been noted in the release checklist for D-I.

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