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Bug#363049: probably found the reason for this ...

peter green wrote:
>> The solution Sven has proposed can be improved, without all the mirror
>> bloat, I think. The sane thing to do would be for debootstrap to default
>> to what's in /etc/apt/sources.list when no mirror is given. This avoids
>> the logistical nightmare of having to make and update
>> $arch.ftp.debian.org foreach architecture. If you're using it in
>> sources.list, it has your architecture.
> The thing is sources.list often contains things other than the debian
> mirror and it may be tricky to figure out what is the debian mirror
> and what is something else.
Sure, but that doesn't prevent us from looking for "recognizable"
entries that match, say:
and fall back to http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ in the event we can't
find a match. Or are you claiming the proposed regular expression would
not be general enough?

An even simpler solution would be to simply default to a mirror that
hosts all supported architectures... Surely there is one somewhere?


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