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Re: Debian Installer Meeting on Friday 7 November 2008 at 21:00 UTC

On Saturday 08 November 2008, Aníbal Monsalve Salazar wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 06, 2008 at 09:28:51PM +1100, Anibal Monsalve Salazar wrote:
> >There will be a Debian Installer Meeting on Friday 7 November 2008 at
> >21:00 UTC.

Sorry folks,

I've seen the log of the meeting, I've seen the proposed changes for 
errata and announcement. I've seen the total confusion about when RC1 
should happen (why the hell another week of pointless delays?).

I give up in total despair and frustration. I've no doubt you (plural!) 
will manage to publish something, but I already know that I'll be 
hopelessly disappointed.

It really appears that nobody has any clue what current issues are, what 
needs to be done or how to do it. Everything is done on a "minimal 
effort" basis (apparently hoping that someone else will do the real work) 
with a total lack of control over quality or process.

I've been trying to set myself today to give some more constructive 
response, but I just don't have the energy anymore. It means I won't 
bitch anymore when I see things going wrong, you'll just be on your own.

I will complete the current release process for the manual and possibly 
even do a second release later if that would mean we can add extra 
translations. Please do _not_ interfere in that process and respect my 
announcements regarding the freeze state of D-I SVN for the manual.
My announcements and updates are clear enough when it comes to timing. You 
should be able to draw your own conclusions from that, but feel free to 
ask specific questions if needed.

On Wednesday 05 November 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> No, this is a person who has a fullday work plus University trying to
> do his best to make the release happen.
> You might just help on that instead of blame me.

You may not like my bitching, but despite everything I think I've still 
done a hell of a lot more that anybody else in the team (not including 
yourself) for this release:
- fixing the recent tzsetup and preseed issues
- major work on debian-cd to get it ready for lenny
- I'm still the only person who's made any real effort to reply to
  installation reports and follow up on issues
- I've been the only person to do any structured testing (except for tbm
  on arm(el), who really does keep those arches in excellent shape)
- I have up to now followed the release process, which effectively meant
  duplicating all your work because of your failure to communicate
  anything about what you were planning or doing

A few semi-constructive comments then.
The most serious issues ATM are related to reopen-console/steal-ctty in 
rootskel. That has had way to little testing; we really only knows it 
works for the most common installs on x86/arm. See the BTS and I fear 
there's more still waiting to be discovered.

I also hope that someone will at least have the courtesy to reply to Osamu 
Aoki, even if the issue he raised is not handled (which is an RM 

I also hope someone will look into Neale Pickett's mail as there is a 
strong indication that encrypted LVM may be broken.

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