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Bug#504016: Lenny Beta II + daily build, kernel dies after initrd.gz....ready.

reassign 504016 linux-2.6

On Saturday 01 November 2008, Hans-Joachim Zierke wrote:
> But I found it by completely disabling almost everything in the BIOS,
> getting a success, then systematically reenabling stuff.
> It's the Promise ATA-100 BIOS. If I reset that BIOS from "Auto" to
> "Disabled", then I get the
>   Ok, booting the kernel
> message. The A7V Board has an ATA-66 controller in the chipset, plus an
> additional ATA-100 Promise controller on the motherboard.

The strange thing is that your initial report shows that the initrd and 
kernel do get loaded from the CD; it just fails to take the next step.

As this really looks like a kernel issue, I'm reassigning your report to 
the kernel team. Maybe they can offer additional help.

> > It could also possibly an isolinux problem. have you tried installing
> > the Lenny kernel on your Etch system and booting that?
> I won't even know how to do that.  ;-)  I know how to compile a kernel
> for the running system with make-kpkg, but that's it.

Just download the package from packages.debian.org and install it 
using 'dpkg -i <package>'.

> I'm not a Linux freak, but a user. When I looked for Lenny news on the
> website, I read that we should try the installer, so I did.

Thanks a lot for testing it. We do appreciate that and the fact that you 
filed your installation report.

Unfortunately when you do run into such a problem with Linux it's 
basically up to the user to find the correct person to look into the 
problem and to provide any needed info to track it down. Depending on the 
issue, that can require a significant amount of effort on the user's 


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