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Bug#474737: (no subject)

Hmm, thinking more about this...

It seems the debian installer uses two sources for modules. Those coming in from 
initrd (already in /lib/modules/...) and those being loaded from udeb packages.

What I have done is booting with a netboot kernel and initrd (having no disk modules) 
and then accessing my local server where the debian dvd is mounted. The dvd obviously 
misses ide module udeb packages. Maybe because it has the ide modules in its initrd. Which 
doesn't help when booted in a different way. 

This basically leads to the question: Is the debian dvd sufficient as installation media 
remotely mounted on a local server? Should it be?

Since with SCSI disks this worked perfectly well I thought it is. Why do SCSI module udeb packages 
exist and IDE not?

I admit I am more familiar with SuSEs network install. After it has access to the installation 
media mounted somewhere in the local network there no difference to a local install.

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