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Bug#502446: debian-installer: grub-installer is not updated for grub-pc introduction


I guess it is now reassigned grub-installer.

Not just my emperical experience, here is rational for this bug report.

NOTE: you can use the update-grub utility to generate a grub.cfg file
for you

GRUB 2 uses new bashish scripting language that is used to build menus.
At startup file grub.cfg will be read and executed.

Please note that partition numbering has been changed to start from 1
(in grub legacy it started from 0). 

As I looked around, here is other issues wth grub-pc install in rc2.

Issuing grub-install /dev/sd? with right install device did not fix
my situation completely.

Editting /boot/grub/grub.cfg with right root device for booting fixed the

Since this is generated file, root cause is its generation.  Generation script
is update-grub.  Its /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober is the source of the problem.  It
calls commands packaged in os-prober.  Most related parts of os-prober is its
backend script:


Since all these scripts seems to assume that grub legacy and grub 2 to use the
same device name,  they are in trouble and needs to be fixed in sync.

I also do not know how we should deal with this at this late stage of release. 

I hope to get some response from maintainers involved.  (os-prober is also d-i
team pakage)

If time is too late, we should document it in release note at least.

To wrap up:

Overwriting unrelated partition's boot sector qualifies as "critical" bug since
this makes unrelated software (i.e. other OS's boot sector) on the system break
where you install the package.

Other issue like having broken multiboot is just annoiance.

For now, I keep this as "important" bug.


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