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Re: Sparc d-i terminal weirdness?

On Thursday 16 October 2008, Mike Grice wrote:
> > Does the current daily built image for sparc have the same problem?
> I couldn't find this until just now (I think the link was a 404 for a
> while), but having just tried this now, I *do* get the same problem
> with the daily image.

I'm fairly sure that nothing has changed in the installer recently, so 
either your system or keyboard has never been supported or, if earlier 
versions of the installer did work, there is a regression in the kernel.

Does the Etch version of the installer work?

As the keyboard does still work in the first debug shell, you could try 
running through the installer's initialization scripts manually to see 
where it stops working.

Does the keyboard still work in the second debug shell (i.e. after udev 
has been started)?

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