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problem with etchnhalf kernel

Good evening,

I run with linux-kernel 2.6.18.x and I want to try a newest version, so I decide to try etchnhalf.

I have a little (big) problem with etchnhalf kernel booting. This is very long, almost 10min ...

Well, when gdm (and of course, Xserver) is launched, I can log me, and then, ... nothing, as if the processor can't work anymore. The keybord is frozen but no the cursor.

I don't know if it is a bug from the kernel or if this problem come from my laptop.

config :
HP Compaq 6715b
AMD mobile sempron 2Ghz
1Gb Memory

If you have any ideas


Julien-Claude Fagot

PS : I'm french and my english is not quite well.

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