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Re: cairo, directfb and cdebconf

Frans Pop wrote:
> If I understand Jérémy's comments correctly, cdebconf will need to be 
> modified and will need a versioned build dep on the new cairo/directfb 
> packages when those have been uploaded.
> Reason: without those modifications cdebconf-gtk-udeb can no longer be 
> rebuilt correctly against the new cairo/directfb libs.
> Can we please get an RC1 release out and not keep pushing it back for 
> every upload of a random package on which D-I depends? The way things are 
> going now we'll very likely to need an RC2 for some reason anyway and 
> meanwhile we are getting absolutely NO proper D-I testing.

I tend to disagree. cairo is uploaded, directfb and cdebconf are
(co-)maintained by members of the d-i team and these are the last we are
waiting on for d-i RC1 AFAICS?

Why would we need an RC2 anyway? Unless there are very good reasons to
do an RC2, we should be releasing about a month after RC1 IMHO.



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