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Bug#298042: debian-installer: fails to mark partition type as linux if reusing a ntfs partition

Colin Watson <cjwatson@ubuntu.com> writes:

> The following patch should fix this bug which IMO is release-critical
> (although I know that previous releases went out with this bug). I'm
> afraid I'm not up to speed with d-i's current freeze state; Otavio, may
> I commit this patch? I confess that I have not yet tested it, although I
> have replicated the original bug under controlled conditions. I should
> be able to perform a similar test soon with a fixed parted_server and
> report back.

Yes. Please test it and if it does solve the  issue please commit and
upload it. I'll be doing a installer upload but partman-base isn't
part of initrd so this doesn't block it to happen.

Thanks a lot by looking at this issue.

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