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Re: Second hints set, now properly splited, for Debian Installer RC1

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Hello RT,
> I've reviewed all packages we track and droped the ones I belive
> aren't suitable for Lenny release since had many changes on it since
> last migrated version. Obviously if you or anyone disagree with that
> we can discuss it.

I guess I can find them in an overview page?

> Here goes the first set of unblocks for RC1:
> unblock kernel-wedge # has no udebs
> unblock cdebconf
> unblock console-data
> unblock console-setup
> unblock devmapper
> unblock dhcp3

all above unblocked

> unblock dmraid

same version in unstable as in testing

> unblock e2fsprogs
> unblock eject
> unblock flash-kernel
> unblock glantank # this has dropped glantank-installer, check end of mail
> unblock installation-report
> unblock multipath-tools
> unblock openssh
> unblock os-prober
> unblock parted # 1.7 udebs can be finally droped now
> unblock pciutils
> unblock sysfsutils
> unblock user-setup
> unblock hdparm
> unblock libdebian-installer

all unblocked

> Those are udeb-only and need to be synced by hand:

all synced

> Please also remove glantank-installer udeb from testing since its
> functionality has been merged in another component.




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