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Bug#501161: cdebconf-newt: Displays too many "*" is accented characters are typed

Package: cdebconf-newt-udeb
Version: 0.136

Seen during installation in German with German keymap.

During password entry the frontend displays two asterisks if I type a 
single accented character like ä or ö using the special keys for those 
characters on the German keyboard.
Notable is that the cursor remains on the correct position.

I type:		qwertzöä	(on a US keyboard this is: qwerty;')
I see:		**********
Cursor is:	        ^

Main consequence is that things are confusing for the user, especially 
when he wants to correct what he's typed. The password does get saved 

Could be this is not a bug in cdebconf but in newt or something.

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