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Re: Handling of linux-modules-*-2.6 during freeze

Bastian Blank wrote:
> Hi folks
> linux-modules-*-2.6 also produces a source-availability problem, they
> use source including binary packages from unstable to build binary
> packages. In unstable this is usualy no problem as we ship the source in
> at least one variant. For the packages in testing this can be a problem,
> escpecially during freeze.
> This problem popped up now because virtualbox-ose got a new upstream
> version in unstable which is not meant to be included in Lenny.

As this is the problem, this is where it needs to be solved...

> For a short-term fix I only see three solutions:
> - Continue to upload to unstable, drop virtualbox modules.
> - Upload to testing-proposed-updates.
> - Let virtualbox-ose into Lenny.

None of these look really good to me. Another solution would be a
reupload of 1.6.2-dfsg-6 with a higher version than currently in unstable.

Cc-ed the maintainers so they can comment. Please let them first the
opportunity to react and explain how they see it.



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