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Re: Bug#499662: Proposed changes for #499662

Luk Claes <luk@debian.org> writes:

> Dave Beckett wrote:
>> The patch looks OK although I cannot test any directfb stuff, or do
>> any cairo work today.
>> One reason the directfb was NOT enabled in the main cairo package
>> by me is that it is unsupported upstream.  The customer for debian
>> is really just the installer, so limiting the packages for that
>> was a goal, and also to make the udeb minimal size.  Any
>> reported bugs on directfb outside the installer are unlikely to
>> get any resolution from me or upstream.
>> So the larger issue is the release-affecting consequences of
>> this change.  Please can somebody confirm that's it's approved
>> by release team BEFORE any packaging is done.
> Cc-ed debian-boot to be sure it does no harm on the installer nor the
> installation.

I fear it is a late change for now but I'll let Jeremy who has been
the most involved person on this topic to speak up about that.


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