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Bug#498568: Debian cannot be installed on bootable SD cards

On Thursday 11 September 2008, Harald Welte wrote:
> The actual distribution installation program needs to
> 1. recognize /dev/mmcblk* as block devices that can be used as
> target device
> 2. use a grub-install or similar program that can discover the bios
> drive number to /dev/mmcblk* device name mapping 

There is one major point missing here.
The tool used by the distribution to generate the initrd for the installed 
system (for Debian initramfs-tools) will need to make sure the mmc driver 
modules are included in the initrd if the install is to an mmc device.

I have checked this, and for Debian in turns out they are included when 
the "MODULES=most" setting is used, so no problem for default 

I have bought a 2GB Sandisk Micro-SD card  (8 EUR here) and have just 
successfully completed an install, including bootloader installation 
after applying a few relatively minor patches.

There are no patches outside D-I required, so we could consider 
implementing this before Lenny.
I will send a separate mail with the patches.


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