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Re: First set of hints for Debian Installer RC1

* Frans Pop [Sat, 27 Sep 2008 15:34:58 +0200]:

> On Saturday 27 September 2008, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> > I've reviewed all packages we track and droped the ones I belive
> > aren't suitable for Lenny release since had many changes on it since
> > last migrated version. Obviously if you or anyone disagree with that
> > we can discuss it.

> Please do NOT migrate any udebs just yet.

> A new RC issue has popped up today that should be fixed first. Migrating 
> udebs before that is done could leave D-I images from testing broken for 
> for an extended period of time.

Ack, please ping us again when the sync should be done.

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