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Bug#497110: boot loader installation failed when dmraid=true

On Saturday 06 September 2008, Giuseppe Iuculano wrote:
> I merged all relative dmraid Ubuntu changes in:

Yeah, this really looks like another great example of Ubuntu "giving back" 
to Debian.

> devmapper

This looks trivial, but will definitely need an OK from the maintainer and 
a freeze exception from the release team.

> partman-auto

This should be done by a test _inside_ the if statement and not by adding 
a condition to the if statement:

        if echo $device | grep -q "^/dev/mapper/"; then
		[ -f "$dev/sataraid" ] || continue

                dmtype=$(dm_table $device)
                [ "$dmtype" = multipath ] || continue

Also, the comment just above that code should be updated!

> partman-base

This needs a comment in the code and the grep needs '-q'.

> With this merge dmraid support seems to be more improved,
> No more special procedure is needed, simply use dmraid=true and install
> Debian

I also miss a cleanup of partman-dmraid, or can that udeb be dropped 
completely? If the last is the case then we need a patch for hw-detect so 
it no longer gets installed.

> Automatic/guided and manual partition now seems to work.

Then why do you disable guided partitioning in the partman-auto patch?

> I also build a businesscard image for testing these changes (I'm
> uploading it, it will ready in about 20 minutes):

I'll give that a try.


P.S. Are you subscribed to the d-boot list or should we keep you CCed?

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