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Bug#497110: boot loader installation failed when dmraid=true

On Saturday 06 September 2008, Giuseppe Iuculano wrote:
> Otavio Salvador ha scritto:
> > We have two possible way to fix that. Change parted to use previous
> I think we have a third possible way, merge some good work from Ubuntu.
> For example, attached debdiff is an attempt to fix (p) naming issue
> (but not fixes OOM, I must make
> /lib/partman/active_partition/25divider/choices 'exit 0') In my case,
> it works, and installation terminate successfully, but sure it needs a
> revision.

I think this patch (without claiming to understand it completely) may be 
close what is described in the wiki page as "proper support for dmraid in 
parted". I wonder if it would allow us to remove some of the hacks that 
are currently included in partman-dmraid, as in theory none of those 
should be necessary at all.

The patch looks promising conceptually but will IMO need very careful 
testing and should preferably be reviewed by parted upstream maintainers.
And this would also be a fairly major change for this stage of the 

At first glance the patch also needs some cleanup. The .gitignore changes 
look like they are just noise and the actual changes are not really 
consistent regarding whitespace for example.

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