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Re: Help testing syslinux

On 03/09/2008, Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
>  upstream has fixed the qemu bug in syslinux (yay!), updated syslinux
>  version has been uploaded to sid already.
>  however, syslinux 3.71 does still have some regressions, therefore i've
>  uploaded to small (50mb) test images for i386 and amd64:
>         http://live.debian.net/syslinux-test/
>  It would be nice if a lot of people could test it and report any left
>  regressions, together with the name of their computer model (or
>  mainboard, if it's whitebox) and the bios vendor/version.

It does not work on Intel iMacs because the keyboard emulation is
broken there and you have to press a key to boot. It never worked,



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