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Bug#495928: debian-installer: does not add line to /etc/inittab to enable logins via virtual console

> > > > Ok this fixed the problem that installing from a virtual optical drive
> > > > failed during the package-installation.
> > > I have closed #495928.
> > 
> > Allright.
> > 
> > > > A new problem, though, is that when choosing the 'minimal initrd image',
> > > > the system comes up and boots up to the point where it says 'Begin:
> > > > Waiting for root file system ... '. At that point it keeps waiting
> > > > forever.
> > > 
> > > Could you try adding "console=hvc0,38400" to the installer command-line?
> > > If I am not mistaken, that is the virtual console which you are using,
> > > isn't it?
> > 
> > Well, it eventually timed out. I then got a initrd emergency shell. It
> > told me it could not access my boot device (/dev/sda2) in time. I'm now
> > going to reinstall but this time with the full initrd image (the
> > non-shrinked version, the one that also includes drivers that do not
> > seem to be needed for this system (well at least during installation)).
> Oh??? sorry, I might not have understood your first reply.  You were
> able to make the installation sucessful through the end, right?
> And the black screen you mentioned appeared on the first boot?  In that
> case, the problem you reported in #495928 might still be present in
> Lenny.
> Please keep us informed when you will have tested with the full initrd.

cdrom works - installed 3 times and all success
booting works - but only with full initrd image
(virtual) console - doesn't work; i do get output but if i login (as
user - root seems not to work but that might've been a typo during
installation) and then logon by pressing ^d it seems i'm still logged in
while i do get the login prompt!

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