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Bug#496193: [netinst daily build] disturbing UI of partitioning

Package: installation-reports

The problem is that the partitioning "dialog" overuses "continue" 
button -- it works like "next", it works like "configure" and it 
works like "switch", yet at all time it is labeled as "continue".

For example -- if you want to finish partitioning you have to 
select "done with partitioning" and click "continue", if you want to 
change partition you have select partition and select "continue".

I made some "loops" already because I was clicking continue to move 
forward not noticing what is selected.

Possible solutions:
a) make partitions entries not as text, but as buttons -- so 
configuring them would be more obvious, and then use "continue" are 
really "continue" (i.e. moving forward with installation)

b) change "continue" label on-fly, so if "continue" means in given 
context "switch", label it "switch"

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