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Bug#496075: Installation problem with DELL servers with PERC adpaters

Package: install
Version: install

With a DELL PE 1950/2950 with PERC SCSI Raid controller, the installation program of Etch 4.0r4a doesn't put megaraid_sas in modules, so the sistem hang at the startup.

To make it start I did this:

  • At the end of the installation (before the installation of GRUB) press ALT-F2
  • chroot /target
  • echo "megaraid_sas" >> /etc/initramfs_tools/modules
  • update-initramfs -u
  • in /etc/fstab replace all /dev/sdbX with /dev/sdaX (/dev/sdb1 with /dev/sda1,...)
  • exit
  • switch back to installation ()
  • continue with the installation of GRUB and finish the installation

Luis Humberto Felice

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