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Bug#462396: Multiple disks support for partman-auto-lvm

Jérémy Bobbio <lunar@debian.org> writes:

> The work on this got little bit out of hand as I fixed all issues along
> the way, and I am a little bit uncomfortable in introducing so much
> changes at this stage of the release process.

I believe you both are doing very well regarting this patchset and
this is a very important feature that will be used by many people. 

> On the other hand, preseeded features are easy and quick to test
> (especially with KVM, virtio and a local mirror) and I am attaching all
> the preseeds that I have used thouroughly through the development
> of this patchset.  They all work through successful installations and
> can be called repeatedly in any order with success.

This could be added to the digress to allow us to track it in future
(Joey?) but being testable automatically also makes it easier to get
fixed fastly if a regression is found.

> I also confirm that manual installations continue to work as they

This is very important.

I'd not object about this to be merged NOW but I'd like to hear Frans
opinion on that before we do a final decision.

However I think we need to decide about it ASAP since this needs to
get some time on dailies to try to get regressions sorted out ASAP.

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